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Dog Allergy to Food

It's only recently been learned that dogs, much like people, can suffer from allergies to a certain food or foods that are in a particular food class. Food allergy in dogs is among the five more commonly found kinds of dog allergies, and though the dog is frequently born with the illness, a dog allergy to food can take place anytime during the dog's lifetime.

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The Symptoms and Causes of a Dog Allergy to Food

Your dog will often have reactions to the various sorts of foods they get. Quite often, the reaction is just indigestion that may effectuate diarrhea and vomiting. An allergy to food is not the same as that however, instead of merely suffering from a tummy ache, it'll trigger itchiness in canines besides the previously stated symptoms of a dog allergy to food: swelling, dog vomiting and diarrhea. An animal's scratching and itching could cause flaky skin, eczema, hot spots and quite possibly fur loss. In a few animals, additional signs of food allergies can involve losing weight, restlessness and perhaps hostility.

In a canine coping with an allergy to food, the immune system will overreact to a specific substance that it usually ignores producing an allergic reaction. Food allergies in canines are ordinarilly caused by proteins from dairy foods, sugars and wheat as a direct result of eating scraps from the table. While proteins are the likely trigger of an animal's food allergy, any sort of food or ingredient can cause an allergic reaction.

How to Identify a Dog Allergy to Food

Only a few short years ago, an elimination diet was the only method available to figure out if a dog was suffering from a food allergy. The canine was served hypoallergenic dog food that did not contain any constituents found in the previous diet for about 2 to 3 months. Nowadays, the diagnosis can be implemented by a veterinarian utilizing a simple dog allergy test that involves testing run on a bit of blood obtained from the canine.

Remedies for a Dog Allergy to Food

The only cure for a food allergy is by staying away from the food or food substance that is the root of the food allergy. The most sensible type of food for canines suffering with allergies to food is hypoallergenic dog food having all-natural ingredients. Hypoallergenic dog food can be fed to a canine for the remainder of his life with no worry of your pet's allergy recurring.

Because of the canine scratching and itching, you may need to attend to dog skin care also. The vet will likely suggest purchasing skin lotion and antihistamines. Since using antihistamines for canine allergies could possibly produce bad side effects, a holistic remedy for a dog allergy to food is preferable. There are many herbal and homeopathic forms of treatment being offered that have been shown by canine owners to offer excellent results.

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